Boost your work performance with ground-breaking Management and Leadership competencies!


This highly-enriching learning event is specifically designed for Executive Secretaries, Administrative Professionals and Personal Assistants to level up their level of competencies in the practice of their highly-evolving profession.

The 11th Secretaries and Administrative Professionals Summit (SAPS) aims to transform the delegates into high-performing front-line of innovation.

Significant learning on increasing work productivity; to be more responsive in managing inevitable challenges; acquisition of more vital work skills; and embracing modernization to stay ahead in the new world of work are but part and parcel of this Summit agenda. 

Developing new paradigms; improving active communication; increasing the drive to think and act seamlessly; and advancing mileage at work and in life career are some great pathways expected from the Summit discussion and deliberation.

The focus is on practical skills, tools and techniques to improve efficiency and heighten productivity; building a winning team in partnership with Management and peers; and maximizing great value to the organization.

What’s more?

At #SAPS2019, distinguished speakers from across the country will converge to share their insights and experiences that transform lives and advocates the value of embracing a high-tech and high-touch mindset. 

Expect to be re-energized, more resilient, motivated to act at speed momentum and better equipped in managing roles and responsibilities with higher confidence!

You are guaranteed to get inspired to take on the challenges that the future may present.

Get Inspired and Empowered to

Achieve the best of your Career!

This unique learning event have been specifically designed for Secretaries, Administrative and Personal Assistants to level up their current inventory of knowledge and competencies in the practice of their demanding profession. The focus is on practical skills, tools and techniques that improve efficiency and productivity; how to build a winning team with Management and colleagues; and maximizing value for the organization.

The specific objectives of this relevant and knowledge-filled learning is to help you:

  • Set goals and priorities in partnership with Immediate Superiors; 

  • Organize day-to-day schedule and manage time, deadlines, e-mails and communications, meetings, visitors, and eliminate ‘time-wasters’; 

  • Validate where real time actually goes, based on facts not perceptions; 

  • Proactively prevent crises; assertively manage conflicts, difficult people and awkward situations;  

  • Effectively relate with colleagues and other people at work;

  • Improve working relationships; assume higher leadership and/or managerial responsibility;  

  • Clarify roles and excel in working with demanding clients and stakeholders; 

  • Practice and seek guidance from the Seminar Leaders; and  

  • Make your job more meaningful, build trust and take charge of and ensure your career growth.

This #SAPS2019 is designed to mutually benefit both you and your organization!

  • Enhance your skills to realize demanding business affairs;

  • Capacitate you to successfully overcome tough administrative challenges;

  • Equip you with the necessary inter-personal strategies to deal with difficult colleagues, clients, bosses and even so with top Management;

  • Provide you the know-how to nurture a positive mindset; earn the recognition you deserve and pave the way up the corporate ladder;

  • Guide you to craft unique personal image and boost self-confidence at the work place and beyond. 

  • Manage changing roles and responsibilities whether working with bosses, peers, team members or customers;

  • Meet dynamic work expectations by expanding your proactive capabilities;

  • Clearly and confidently communicate and negotiate to manage conflicts and achieve results;

  • Apply emotional intelligence and effective listening practices to your job; and

  • Use strategic diplomacy to handle office politics, difficult people and demanding situations

This summit is suitable to a wide range of professionals. Celebrate with us!

  • Compose a better self at work;

  • Recognize your new role in this Age of Disruption; 

  • Maintain focus in pressure situations; 

  • Build and leverage your professional reputation; 

  • Constructively manage people and work-related conflicts; 

  • Acquire entrepreneurial skills and mindset work at a higher plane; 

  • Rightfully prioritize task and handle smartly; 

  • Flexibly and appropriately relate with work associates; 

  • Apply relevant skills to stay focused, work effectively and develop your networks and expertise; 

  • Get results when working with diverse and difficult personality types; 

  • Think critically to stay competitive no matter what and when; 

  • Work productively easing out a seemingly political environment; 

  • Take charge of your life and work career and personal development; and 

  • Network, get acquainted and exchange learning with other professionals

This summit is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Secretaries 

  • Personal Assistants  

  • Executive Secretaries  

  • Executive Assistants  

  • Private Secretaries  

  • Confidential Secretaries  

  • Management Assistants  

  • Administrative Assistants  

  • Executive Officers  

  • Office Managers  

  • Office Administrators  

  • HR Assistants  

  • Administrative Clerks  

  • Administrative Professionals  

  • Medical Secretaries 

  • Legal Secretaries 

  • Other Support Staff

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